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V-A-G R250 VW Audi Dashboard Programmer Free Shipping


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Vag R250 VW Audi Dashboard Programmer 

Vag R250 VW Audi Dashboard Programmer Function:
VAG R250 is used to program Siemens/VDO new cryptography system featuring a Micronas microcontroller CDC3217 or CDC3297 and 24c32 or 2432 memory.
R250 looks like a small box that needs to be connected to a PC running Win98/Me/XP.
You only need to solder few wires to the board, read the original value and then write the new value with no limitations at all.
Package List:
1pc x R250 main unit
1pc x RS232 cable
1pc x Connector cable
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x CD

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