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2021 GODIAG GD203 OBDII ABS SRS Code Reader Scanner with Special Function Free Update Lifetime


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GODIAG GD203 Car OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Reader Automotive OBD II SRS Airbag Diagnostic Check Engine Light, 28 Special Functions for OBDⅡ Protocol Car 

godiag gd203

Top Reasons to Get Godiag GD203:

1. 【ABS & SRS Diagnosis】
GODIAG GD203 ABS scanner can troubleshoot the ABS issue with a visual inspection of all brake components that caused the warning light, and turn the light off. Furthermore,
by detecting every electronic parameters in SRS system to check their health status, this diagnostic tool can address the SRS potential issues timely to ensure your driving safety, and turn off the warning light of Airbag.
2. 【28 Special Functions】
In addition to the basic scanning and diagnostic functions, GODIAG GD203 can also provide 28 kinds of maintenance services for your car.
Including oil Light Service/Reset, ABS Bleeding, EPB Service, DPF Regeneration, TPMS Adaptation, ASF and many other hot and special features, to provide a full range of maintenance services for your car.
3. 【Vehicle Doctor & Smog Check Helper】
GODIAG GD203 OBDⅡ Scanner has powerful OBDⅡ /EOBD diagnostics that you can use to read car fault codes and erase codes, becomes the best doctor for your car. In addition, the GODIAG GD203 car diagnostic scanner tool comes with I/M Readiness function to check the operations of the Emission System on OBD2 compliant vehicles to help your vehicle ready pass the annual smog check. 
4. 【Save Your Money & Easy to Use】
If you buy this GODIAG GD203 car scanner, it can greatly reduce the cost of repairing and maintaining your car.
And it's very simple to use, plug and play, with a simple screen for DIYers, even if you're not familiar with vehicle repair, you can quickly take control of this code reader, and get the services you want.
5. 【Upgrade & Warranty】
You will get FREE software and firmware upgrade and three-year warranty. By contacting our professional customer service team, we will provide you with 100% satisfactory service and technical assistance.


1.Work on OBD II Protocol Cars Since 1996
2.Support Multi-languages
3.Internet up-datable via USB
4.FREE software and firmware updates
Display: Backlit, 4. 0"TFT color display
Working Temperature: 0 to 60 '℃ (32 to 140F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70'℃ (-4 to 158F)
Power Supply: 8-18V vehicle power, 12V AC/DC power
Tool Dimensions: 220*90*30mm (L*W*H)
Gross Weight: 1.0 Kg
Protocols: ISO15765 (CANBUS 11bit&29bit TP16, TP20, UDS, FIAT CAN, VOLVOCAN) , ISO14230 (KWP2000) , ISO9141-2, J1850VPW, J1850PWM, KWP1281,KWP2089, KW81, KW82, ALDL, SCI, DSI, DSII, LUCAS, MELCO, BENIX, ISO7800,SIMENMS_ISO1, SIMENMS_ISO2, MIT MODE1, MIT MODE2, Mitsubishi Negative Logic protocol, Nissan-specific protocol.
By accessing to ABS system, and retrieving the fault codes,GODIAG GD203 ABS scanner can troubleshoot the ABS issue with a visual inspection of all brake components that caused the warning light, and turn the light off, the ability to really detect where the problem is concerning brakes and airbags enables you to make sure all safety measures in place before putting yourself in harm's way.

By checking every electronic parameter in the SRS system to check its health status, you can timely resolve potential SRS problems and turn off the airbag warning lights to ensure your driving safety.

How to update GoDiag GD203?
1. Please download the update software from the official GODIAG website, unzip the files and load the program to install the update client to your PC.
2. After the device is connected to the PC, you can find the upgrade software package on the USB flash drive, decompress it, and install the upgrade software.
3. Consult our after-sales service team and we will send you the installation package of the upgrade software.
NOTE: The device upgrade function only supports windows system, such as win 7, win 8 and win 10, not supports Mac and iPad.
Package includes:

1pc x GODIAG GD203 

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