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2022 Newest Autel Maxisys MS906S Auto Scanner Same as MS906BT Bi-Directional Control Scanner with Advanced ECU Coding, 31+ Function


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Product Introduction:
The MS906S, packaged in a blow-molded case, provides free technical support, and one-year free software updates with one-year limited warranty.

Product Features:
【2022 Newest Version Autel MaxiSys MS906S】: Updated from MS906, with the same function as MS906BT but more advanced configuration, Autel MaxiSys MS906S diagnostic tool comes with bluetooth diagnoses, 10,000mAh battery, 64G memory, advanced ECU coding, 10,000+ car models worldwide, bi-directional control, 31+ reset functions, and more to rival Autel scan tool MS906BT/MK906BT yet being much cheaper! Providing 24*7 technology support & online reply, to remove all your doubts.
【31+ Special Functions, Comprehensive Scan Tool】: Autel MS906S bluetooth scanner is loaded with 31+ reset functions for in-depth and comprehensive repairing & maintenance (oil reset, TPMS, ABS, EPB, SAS, injector coding, BMS, suspension, etc ). Autel diagnostic scanner MS906S can be involved in 99% of auto maintenance matters, mainly due to its 99% of vehicle coverage worldwide and vehicle-specific 12 adapters for non-OBD2 models. Best for repair shops, techs, garages, etc.
【Updated Coding Functions, Top Auto Scanner】: As an upgraded version of MS906 car diagnostic scanner, Autel MS906S OBD2 scanner features ECU coding that allows you to reprogram the new ECU, unlock hidden functions, customize car OE settings, enhance vehicle performance, etc. It has foldable mirrors, reverse tilt mirrors, auto start-stop, seat belt warning sounds, and more in one. Note: Function menus vary by vehicle’s make, model, year.
【All System Diagnostics Scanner + Bi-Directional Control Scanner】: Provides you with one-stop diagnoses, read/clear codes, view live data, troubleshoot hidden problems and restore vehicle performance. MS906S automotive scanner scans all the systems and offers OE-level diagnostic instructions (comparable with snap-on tools). Its bi-directional control function, (not available on MK808BT, MK808TS), is widely used on windows & doors, headlamps, windscreens to quickly pinpoint problems and save diagnostic time.
【2022 Newly-added Functions + 100% Original Product】: 2022 version Autel OBD1&OBD2 scanner MS906S has added some practical functions to optimize the products and user experience:

1) Bluetooth Diagnostics;
2) Component Matching;
3) Online Account Login Service;
4) Guided Functions;
5) Anti-theft IMMO;
6) Power Balance;
7) Flash Hidden Functions.

We are always dedicated to genuine high-quality Autel products and optimized functions.

Product Functions:
8-inch Wireless Touchscreen Diagnostics Tablet
Compatible with U.S., Asian and European Vehicles, 1996 and newer
Advanced Diagnostics, Bi-Directional Control and Active Tests
Expansive Service Function Menu
FCA Secure Gateway Access with AutoAuth subscription
Scan VIN optical VIN
Barcode Recognition for Quick Vehicle Identification
FCA Secure Gateway Access with AutoAuth Subscription
Pre/Post-Scan Customizable Reports
Forthcoming Cloud Data Management and Repair & Diagnostic Database. 
Support Only English Language and No IP Restriction

Product Specifications:
Operating System Android™ 4.4.2 Operating System
Processor Samsung Exynos 5260 hexa-core(2*A15 1.7G + 4*A7 1G)
Memory 64G Memory
Display 8” Touchscreen with 1024*768 resolution
Connectivity Includes Bluetooth VCI Mini
Camera (rear) 8MP Rear Camera
Power and Battery Rechargeable 10,000mAh Battery

Package Includes:
1pc x MS906s tablet w/64GB
1pc x VCI Mini
1pc x OBD Extension Adapter
1pc x Adapter for Honda-3
1pc x Adapter for Nissan-14
1pc x Adapter for Mitsubishi/Hyundai-12+16
1pc x Adapter for Kia-20
1pc x Adapter for Benz-38
1pc x Adapter for BMW-20
1pc x Adapter for VW/AUDI-2+2
1pc x Adapter for GM/Daewoo-12
1pc x Adapter for Fiat-3
1pc x Adapter for PSA-2
1pc x Adapter for Chrysler-16 
1pc x AC/DC External Power Adapter (12V)
1pc x Mini USB cable
1pc x Cigarette Lighter cable
2pc x Cigarette Lighter Fuses
1pc x Strap
1pc x User Manual
1pc x Quick Reference Guide
1pc x Soft Cloth
1pc x Carrying Case
1pc x Packing List

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