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[US/EU/UK Ship]2022 Newest Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet V4.0 Wifi/Bluetooth Full System Diagnostic Tool 1 Years Free Update Online


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2022 Launch X431 V V4.0 8inch Tablet Wifi/Bluetooth Full System Diagnostic-Tool Support Multi-Language

[US/EU/UK Ship] Fast Delivery & No Tax

Launch X431 V V4.0 8inch highlights:

1. Global Version, No IP Limitation.
2. All System Diagnostic+ 30 Reset Functions: Launch X431 V is one powerful automotive diagnostic tool, read and clear fault codes for all system of car such as Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, Brake system, Emission system, Fuel system, Light system, Wiper system, Body, Power strain,Chassis,etc. And it comes with 20 reset functions , Injector Coding, Oil Reset Service, IMMO, SAS , EPB Reset, Battery Register, ABS Bleeding, Electronic Throttle Reset, DPF, TPMS Reset, Gear Learning.
3. User-friendly: 2021 update version X431 V V4.0 Adopts Android 9.0 System, 2.0 GHz Quad Core processor, which runs faster and more stable.
4. Full system diagnosis and fast running speed, Reasonable PDA design, easy to carry
5. Communicate with vehicle via Wifi and Bluetooth, Bluetooth distance: 10M (without obstacle)
6. One-Click Free Update Online for 1 Year. After expired, it will cost $400 one year or $599 for another two years.
7. Vehicle Coverage: Works on all vehicles domestic & import since 1996, up to 72 car brands about 220 car models from European, USA, Asian, Australian also Indian and Malaysia Car Models.
8. Multi-Languages: English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korea, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish and Czech
9. US/UK/EU Warehouse Shipping, Tax Free with Fast Delivery.

Launch X431 V V4.0 is a drop-tested Android™ based scan tool tablet with an 8″ high resolution IPS touch screen (1280 x 800), it inherits from LAUNCH's advanced diagnosing technology and is characterized by covering a wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful functions, and providing precise test result. Through the Bluetooth communication between vehicle diagnostic connector and variant mobile intelligent terminals, it achieves X-431 series full car model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis, which includes Reading DTCs, Clearing DTCs, Reading Data Stream, Actuation Test and Special Functions.

X431 V launguage

Launch X431 V Functions:

1. All System Diagnostic Tool

1) Full Diagnose Function: X431 V can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and China. Full range car models and Full car systems diagnose make it a professional automotive diagnostic tool
2) Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read datastream, Special Funtion etc.
3) Bidirectional control: Bi-Directional Control which is used to request information or command a module to perform specific tests and functions
4) Actuation Test: it can send information to and receive information from a vehicles control module.
5) Key Programming: if you know you the PIN# of your car, x431 v can match a new key for you .
6) ECU Coding: after replace a new ecu for car, x431 v can help you code it. It is very useful for mechanic.
7) Remote Assistance: launch x431 v support remote diagnosis, if you need help from other mechanic, open the remote control function.

2. Special Functions: 

Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission reset, ABS Bleeding, Injector coding, Gear Reset, SAS Reset, TPMS Reset, DPF Reset, IMMO Reset, BMS Reset, ETS Reset, Oil Reset, Brake Reset, AFS Reset, EGR Adaptation, GEARBOX, SUNROOF, SUS Reset,etc .

Oil Lamp Reset: allows you to perform reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil life system once changed the oil.

Steering Angle Calibration: to perform calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor, and clear fault memory

Electronic Parking Brake Reset: to deactivating and activate the brake control systems, assist with brake fluid control, open and close brake pads, and set brakes after disc or pad replacement .

ABS Bleeding: the auto bleed procedure is used on brake pump equipped vehicles

Battery Register / Battery Maintenance: allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current,register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle battery system

Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn: Initialize the throttle actuators so that the "learned" values stored on ECU are returned to the default state;

TPMS Reset:  makes TPMS sensor in displaying sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU,inputting TPMS sensor replacement IDs and testing sensors.

Key Programming: read pin code from vehicle security immo system,mainly used to disable the lost vehicle keys and program a new replacement key fob.

Injector Coding: Code new injector numbers to replace the previous one when fitting the new injectors or after the replacement is completed;

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration: specially works for Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF regeneration,DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.

Gear Learning:  Perform gear learning for the car when the engine ECU, the crankshaft position sensor, or the crankshaft flywheel is replaced;

12) Additional 5 More Reset Functions:
Air Suspension Reset
Gearbox Reset
Sunroof RESET
AFS Reset
EGR Reset

Please note that special functions not for all vehicles

X431 V special function support car models

Launch X431 V 8inch Support Vehicle List: 
Supports most car models from European, USA, Asian, Australian, Indian and Malaysia.

1. How to save power?

  •  Please turn off the screen while X-431 V keeps idle.
  •  Set a shorter standby time.
  •  Decrease the brightness of the screen.
  •  If WLAN connection is not required, please turn it off.
  •  Disable GPS function if GPS service is not in use.

2. What should I do in case I forgot the screen lock?
You can set screen lock as pattern or password. If you forgot the password,please consult your device provider or reset your device.
Warning: Resetting may cause data loss. Before use, please make sure important data has been backed up.

3. How to do if the system runs slow?
In this case, please do the followings:
> Check all running applications and stop the unnecessary applications (Steps: Settings --> Apps --> Running --> Tap the desired application and then tap“Stop”).
> Check all installed applications, remove the unnecessary applications (Steps: Settings --> Apps --> Downloaded --> Tap the desired application and then tap“Uninstall”).
If all steps mentioned above are finished and the system still works slowly.Please try to close the system and reboot your X-431 V.

4. How to handle when you encounter “Insufficient storage space”?
If this happens while downloading the diagnostic software, please proceed as follows:

  • Get your X-431 V username and password ready. If you forgot the password,please dial our hotline to retrieve it with the product serial number 98549*******.
  • Reset the X-431 V to the default factory settings 
  • Tap “Settings” --> “WLAN”, choose the desired WLAN network to connect.
  • Open the browser and visit www.dbscar.com to download and install the latest App.
  • After the installation is complete, launch the application and login with your LAUNCH X-431 V User Manual — FAQ 33 username and password.
  • Tap --> “Update” to download the diagnostic software.
Note: For new App, the software structure and storage space occupied by the vehicle softwares have been optimized so as to avoid the occurrence of insufficient storage.

5. How to reset X-431 V?
Resetting may cause data loss. Before doing so, please make sure important data and information has been backed up.
Do the following to reset X-431 V:

  • Tap “Settings” --> “Back & Reset”;
  • Tap “Factory data reset”;
  • Tap “Reset tablet”;
  • Tap “Clear all data” to start resetting until the tool automatically reboots.

6. Why some videos on the website can be not played?
It possibly results from:

  • The current browser does not support Flash playing;
  • Flash player does not support this video.

Try to use other browsers to watch it or install other Flash player.

7. The date and time of X-431 V cannot be set.
It is because Automatic date & time is set on your X-431 V. Tap “Settings” -->“Date & time”, deselect “Automatic date & time” and then set the date and time manually. 

How to Register and Download X431 V Software?

x431 v software register and download

x431 v

Launch X431 V Packing List:
X-431 v pad computer
1x for GAZ
1x OBDII-16 Extend
1x for Ssang yong-14
1x for SUZUKI-3
1X for AUDI-4
1x for FIAT-3
1x OBD I Adapter
1x for BENZ-14
1x for NISSAN-14+16
1x for DAIHUATSU-4
1x Power Cable Clips
1x for TOYOTA-17
1x for HONDA-3
1x for MAZDA-17
1x for BMW-20
1x for FORD-6+1
1x for Ssang Yong-20
1x for CHRYSLER-6
1x for SUBARU-9
1x for KIA-20
1x for DAEWOO-12
1x for GEELY-22
1x for GMVAZ-12
1x Charge Connector
1x USB cable
Clipper fuse 5"20mm
1x X431 PIN envelope
1x X431V manual
1x x431V quick start
Launch Original Plastic box
Launch Original Carton box

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