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CG CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Reset Tool with All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH CG CG100 PROG III Full Version


CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

CG100 PROG III Highlights:

1. Software frequently update online
2. Including All Function of Renesas SRS 
3. Read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DME ECU microcontroller
4. With built-in calculator to calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM
5. CAS3 CAS3+CAS4 CAS4+ Key Programming
6. Read CAS Data 
7. With Free CG100 ATMEGA Adapter with 35080 EEPROM and 8pin Chip reading and writing.
8. With wizard-style operating interface, CG100 software can support data rewrite arbitrarily, MCU pin identification and detection, CPU airbag computer repair.

CG100 PROG III Update Policy:

1. Update Online Free for 1 Year.
2. Software subscription is $87. Old version will still work without subscription.
3. Make sure software version is V6.0.0.0, then update to latest version.
4. Supported OS: WinXP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10

CG100  Supported Chips List

ATM Adapter Suppported List:

  • 35080: M35080DQ080, M35080DQ160, M35080 3/6, M35080 V6 / VP (adjust mileage in 5 seconds: directly read and write)
  • ATMEGA Parallel: MEGA8L, MEGA48, MEGA88 (erase the second-hand ATMEGA8L for reuse) MEGA16, MEGA32, MEGA169
  • 24 Series: 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128  (read and write)
  • 93 Series: 93c46 93c56 93c57 93C66 93c76 93c86   (read and write)    
  • 25 Series: 25010 25020 25040 25080 25160 25320 25640 25128 25256 (read and write)
  • 95 Series: 95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256 95512 (read and write)
Add 9S08GL16 CPU Parallel FLASH:

AMD: AM29BL802D (can erase the FAW REIZ MT34 immobilizer)

1. Support and Adoption: Renesas

R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru

2. Support and Adoption: 

XC2060N-40F, XC2060M-104F, XC2336B-24F, XC2336B-40F, XC2361A-56F, XC2361A72F, XC2361E72F, XC2363A-56F, XC2363A-72F, XC2364A-56F, XC2364A-72F, XC2364A-104F, XC2365A-56F, XC2365A-72F, XC2365A-104F, XC2361B-24F, XC2361B-40F, XC2363B-24F, XC2361B-40F, XC2364B-24F, XC2364B-40F, XC2365B-24F, XC2365B-40F,
the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM. 20 seconds of read and write. this speed supported is exclusive  in the wordwide.

3.Support and Adoption: Freescale

MPC5604P (0M26V) (1M36W) the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Honda

4. Support and Adoption: ST

SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Volkswagen

5. Support and Adoption: CPU

ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers

CG100 PROG Airbag Restore Devices Supported  MCU model:

R5F61721  R5F61723 R5F61725 R5F61797
XC2336A XC2336B XC2361A XC2361B XC2361E XC2360A XC2360B XC2387C XC2320S XC2310S Time of reading and writting as 25seconds
0M26V MPC5604

Packing Including:

1pc x CG PRO III Programmer
1pc x BDM+4 Adapter
1pc x Key Adapter
1pc x CAN Adapter
12pcs x Welding Line
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x 12V Power Supply
1pc x ATMEGA Adapter
1pc x EEPROM Adapter
1pc x AVR Adapter
1pc x AVR V2.0 Adapter
1pc x EEPROM-SO Adapter
1pc x FLASH Adapter

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