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Portable GPS GPRS GSM Security Tracker For Children Old People Car New Mini A8

Portable GPS GPRS GSM Security Tracker For Children Old People Car New Mini A8

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Portable GPS GPRS GSM Security Tracker New Mini A8 For Children Old People Car

1.Use SIM card (Not included)
2.Sound control dialing
3.Environmental surveillance
4.LBS Positioning
5.SOS Emergency Call
6.Real Time 4 bands GSM/GPRS
7.Operation Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
8.VOX Back Call
9.12 days standby time

Basic Operation
URL/Listening: After the product is open with a SIM card inside, call its mobile number and after it’s through, keep the call for 10 seconds, you can hear things within 10 meters around the product. If you hanging off before connecting successfully or less than 10s after connecting you can also receive a URL telling the device’s current location. It’s highly suggested to wait longer after opening the device for the first time and then make the call.

Location Inquiry: Edit capital letters “DW” and send to the device’s mobile number, you will receive a reply with address or URL. You can log in either by your mobile phone or PC to check detailed location.




RG+ mobile number

Check Location


Open Voice callback


Close Voice callback


Emergency Alarm



SQ+ mobile number

Cancel Authorization



4.3(L) x 3.2(W) x 1.3(H)cm


Users outside China must register the mobile number in the device first. For register, you can use any mobile number to send “RG+ device mobile number” to the device mobile number. For example, “RG620000000000” to the device’s number “620000000000”, if the registration is successful, you will receive reply “register successfully” and you can begin to use other function. If there is any problem, you will receive “Register fails, the device number is empty, e.g:RG13866668888”. This means the message sent doesn’t have a mobile number, you need to add a mobile number.

Please do not add any country code before the mobile number. For example, the country for UAS is “1”; you don’t need to write “RG162000000000”or “RG001620000000”.

Platform Inquiry: (Optional, only authorized users can obtain passwords to login the platform. )

Authorized mobile numbers can use the device ID and password in the authorization message to login the platform. Can query machine position, electric quantity inquiry, path query, missing message, electronic fence, adding equipment etc.Also, users can go to "" to download an android version to android phones.

When no one is authorized, any mobile phone can send “DW” to check the device’s location but once any authorization is done, only the authorized users are able to obtain the location info by sending “DW”.

1. Authorization

Edit message “SQ+ mobile number” to the device’s mobile number, you can authorize this mobile number.

For example, edit “SQ79609500000”can authorize the number 79609500000. If you need to authorize several mobile numbers at the same time (should be less than four), you can use a star key to separate them. For example:” SQ79609500000*SQ79608800001”. Once the authorization is successful, the authorized mobile number will receive “Authorization success, Device XXX, password XXX, "”

When any mobile number is authorized successfully, you can only use the mobile number to send above message to authorize other mobile numbers.

2. Cancel Authorization

Use any authorized mobile number to send “SQ” to the device, you can cancel authorization of all mobile numbers. Once the authorized mobile numbers receive accord confirmation SMS, the cancellation is done and, again, you can use any mobile to send “DW” to get its location info.

3. path query
(GPRS monthly flow, not more than 30M) default is closed.

Open monitoring: DKJK Close monitoring: GBJK

Voice Callback

Here is how to set the voice callback:
Call the SIM card number in the device (either by mobile or fix phone), get through, and hear the sounds around for 3s, hang off, and this mobile /fix number is set successfully.

Send “1111” to the device to activate this function, and can also send “0000” to deactivate.

4. Emergency Alarm

Send capital letters “SOS” to the device, once it is set successfully, when the user press “SOS” key for more than 3 seconds, the device will call the set number directly.

Supported Frequency:GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz


1. Before using the device for the first time, please charge the battery fully to achieve best outcome.
2. Standard charger:5.0V 500MA. Please standard charge to avoid damaging the main unit.
3. When install, please mind that it’s better to use it in good GSM condition. Good signal can ensure better outcome.
4. If the light is dark, it indicates that the battery is dead. Please recharge.
5. If you cannot get through the mobile number in the device, please take out the SIM card and insert again, restart the device, or recharge and try again.
6. If the device doesn’t pick up the call automatically, please take out the SIM card, insert again, restart and try again.
7. If the device doesn’t reply any message, please check the SIM card’s balance. Check whether the message box is full or not if the box is full, please delete all, and try again.
8. If you need any other functions, please contact the seller to customize it.
9. This product is not to be used in illegal condition. We are not responsible for any problem happen in such situation.

package include:
1 X Cable
1 X Charger
1 X USER MenuFeatures

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